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ABOUT DryFiciency

The overall objective of DryFiciency project is to lead the European energy intensive industry to high energy efficiency and a reduction of fossil carbon emissions by means of waste heat recovery. 

DryFiciency´s vision is to foster competitiveness, improve security of energy supply and promote sustainable production in Europe by mainly focusing on the application of heat pump in industrial drying and dehydration processes of the agricultural, ceramic and pet feed industry.

The ultimate goal of DryFiciency project is to elaborate technically and economically viable solutions for upgrading idle waste heat streams to process heat streams at higher temperature levels up to 160 °C. 

In the course of four years, DryFiciency aims to develop and demonstrate two high-temperature industrial heat pump systems for waste heat recovery expected to: 

  • save up to 80% of energy in industrial drying processes,
  • reduce carbon emissions up to 57 - 73% and 
  • reduce cost of production up to 20%/kg. 


► By offering replicable and adaptable technology for both newly constructed plants and existing plants, DryFiciency aims to pave the way for uptake of high temperature industrial heat pumps (IHP) in energy intensive European industries. To do so, the consortium will support knowledge transfer through training programmes and educational materials in conjuction with demonstrations under real production conditions at TRL 7 in operational industrial drying processes in two leading European industrial companies: Agrana Stärke and Wienerberger. 

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STARCH   drying

AGRANA: Leading supplier of sugar in Central Europe.

BRICK   drying

WIENERBERGER: World´s largest producer of bricks.

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