Research Approach

Resarch approach of DryFiciency 

Work Package 1 Boundaries 

The main task of this Work package is to update boundary conditions of the industrial processes to be energetically optimized, to determinate the process parameters and performance indicators for validation in Work Package 5. 

Work Package 2 Components 

Work Package two is dedicated to adaptions on component level for both, the components to be used in the closed loop and the open loop heat pump technologies. This includes in particular research work to find a compatible refrigerant/ lubricant mixture for the Bitzer compressor to be used in the closed loop heat pump technology. For the open loop cycle, a lubrication/ oil free turbo-compressor will be developed and validated.

Work Package 3 Heat Pumps 

In this work package the thermal and hydraulic design of the main components of both heat pump cycles will be developed. Dynamic simulations on device scale will be used to specify the optimum configuration of the heat pump cycles under all operating conditions of the demonstrators. The heat pumps will be assembled and tested at the two RTOs to prove stable and efficient operation.

Work Package 4 System Integration 

In this work package the integration layout of the demonstrators will be developed based on the performance of the heat pumps evaluated in work package 3 and in accordance with the quality and safety standards to be applied at each demonstration site.

Work package 5 Demonstrators 

The end users will operate the demonstration heat pump systems in addition to their regular production facilities under real industrial production conditions. All relevant data will be recorded and regularly analysed to validate the targeted energy savings and to evaluate the key performance indicators defined. The results of the quality and function tests performed in work package 3 will help to minimize risks for the production process and will be incorporated into the final demonstrator equipment

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