#DecarbIndustry Webinar

29 November at 10:30 (online)

13 November 2018 | Number of views: 63 | Tags: DryFiciency project industrial heat pumps webinar decarbindustry EHPA


On the 29th November, DryFiciency project will take part in the #DecarbIndustry webinar organized by the  European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) (member of the consortium). This webinar aims to spotlight the best and innovative solution to decarbonise the industrial sector.

In this webinar we will hear about project that won the awards in the “DecarbIndustry” category at the Heat Pump City of the Year award (HPCY). The winner is a train maintenance depot located in Cologne, Germany. Its heating and cooling system consist of groundwater source heat pumps and is capable of dual operation. This project was developed by Zent Frenger.

Moreover, Calefaa large heat pump manufacturer in Finland, will present its project which was developed in the city of Mäntsälä. This innovative project uses waste heat from a data centre to supply with heat in the local district heating network. One more innovative heat pump application  from Oilon oy will explain industrial heat recovery processes, which allow the reduction of CO2 emissions and higher energy efficiency solutions (speakers are to be confirmed).

Lastly, DryFiciency project, an EU H2020 funded project, which aims to upgrade the available excess/waste heat streams and to make them available for productive use at temperatures up to 160°C will also be presented. The deployment of heat pump technology will increase energy efficiency thus reducing fossil energy demand and related emissions. The DryFiciency project is developing and testing specific heat pump solutions for drying bricks (industry partner: Wienerberger) and starch (industry partner: Agrana). 

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