“Novel heat pumps to save up to 80% on energy in industrial drying” 

Vienna (Austria), 08 October, 2018

The EU-funded DryFiciency project tackles energy costs in industrial drying in a wide range of energy- intensive industry sectors. Its novel high-temperature industrial heat pump technologies will save up to 80% of energy in drying processes and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 75%. 

The game-changing project DryFiciency, funded by EU s Horizon 2020 Innovative Action program, is tackling energy costs, dependency on fossil fuel and industrial CO2 emissions by turning excess heat into usable energy. Today, the majority of the energy used in drying processes ends up in factory chimneys unrecovered and adds to the rise in CO2 emissions affecting climate change. The DryFiciency project has set out to tackle this problem by developing two heat pump technology prototypes for industrial waste heat recovery. When available, these heat pump technologies can be installed by a wide range of industries at both newly constructed and existing plants.

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