Module 2

Module 2: Planning and integration of IHPs

Target group


This training module is designed for professionals dealing with planning, designing or operating industrial energy efficiency and heat recovery technologies, who wish to extend their knowledge and skills to IHPs and especially HT-HPs and their use in industrial processes focusing on drying and dehydration.

This includes process engineers, energy managers and industrial plant planners/constructors.


  • Knowledge on thermal energy technologies.
  • Knowledge on relevant industrial processes.
  • Knowledge on refrigeration technologies and working principles.

Course content

  • Industries and processes suitable for IHPs with focus on HT‑HPs (temperature ranges, timely behaviour of processes, limitations to the application of IHP).
  • Components for IHPs (compressors, fittings, bearings, seals, refrigerants, lubricants) with a focus on high supply temperatures.
  • Properties of IHPs including maximum power, maximum outlet temperature, temperature dependency of power.
  • Planning of integration and dimensioning of IHPs with focus on high temperatures and drying/dehydration processes.
  • Applicable regulations and standards.
  • Best practice examples and demo plants.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define requirements for components, lubricants/working fluids used in IHPs at elevated temperature levels,
  • describe the requirements for their application and the processes suitable for their use,
  • apply relevant regulatory requirements and standards, and finally, and
  • design the heat pump in terms of its size and plan its integration by applying relevant planning principles.


The training will be held in English, German and/or Norwegian (depending on the language skills and preferences of the participants).

Training schedule

More information will be provided soon!




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