Module 3

Module 3: Installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of IHPs

Target group


The main beneficiaries of this module are professionals dealing with integration, commissioning and maintenance of industrial energy efficiency and heat recovery technologies, who wish to extend their knowledge and skills to IHPs and especially HT-HPs.

This includes especially process engineers, energy managers, and heat pump integrators.


  • Knowledge in thermal energy technologies.
  • Knowledge in relevant industrial processes.
  • Knowledge on refrigeration technologies and working principles.

Main content

  • Personnel requirements (legal issues, required skills).
  • Safety/security requirements (temperatures, pressures, working fluid specifics).
  • Specifics of installing, commissioning & operating IHPs (critical process temperatures, sensors, control, etc.).
  • Common failures of IHPs.
  • Specifics in maintenance of IHPs.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Deal with the legal issues in regard to integration, commissioning and maintenance of IHPs,
  • apply relevant safety and security regulations, and
  • handle respectively coordinate all activities in context with installing, commissioning and efficiently operating IHPs including their cost-effective maintenance.


The training will be held in English, German and/or Norwegian (depending on the language skills and preferences of the participants).

Training schedule

More information will be provided soon!



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