The DryFiciency training program is providing following information to interested parties:

  • Preparing for and facilitating a rapid and widespread uptake of the Industrial Heat Pump (IHP) technology with a special focus on the high temperature heat pumps (HT-HP) as developed and demonstrated in the DryFiciency project.
  • Securing high quality planning, engineering, integration and maintenance work further promoting the use of IHP technologies especially at elevated temperature levels.
  • Increasing the competence and know-how of various stakeholders thereby contributing to overcoming the most important non-technical obstacles for the use of IHPs, lack of knowledge and limited availability of demo cases.


This specialised program is mainly tailored towards energy managers, plant engineers/planners and constructors as well as process engineers. However, staff of energy agencies, personnel of public funding agencies, energy service contractors, and energy consultants dealing with energy and environmental topics, and students are also welcomed to join.

The DryFiciency trainings will be offered as webinars free-of-charge. They are scheduled for autumn 2020. 

If you are interested to participate, don't miss the opportunity and register here.

Three modules of the DryFiciency trainings are available:

Module 1: Introduction to IHPs

Module 2: Planning & Integration of IHPs

Module 3: Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance of IHPs

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